Blade Width Calculation & Installation Guide

Blade width calculation

Calculating your louvre blade width is easy.

1. Measure from the inside of one window reveal to the other.
2. Minus 42mm from this measurement to find the exact width of your louvre blades (see diagram below)

Blade Sizes: 150 x 5mm and 100 x 5mm


Installation Guide

1. Before screwing your louvre galleries to your window reveals, ensure that the frame is completely square. This will ensure proper operation of the mechanism and no tapering gaps between the louvre blades.

2. Screw the galleries to your reveal ensuring each side is exactly parrallel to the other. Given the reveal is ‘Plumb’ on all sides, this can be done by marking a guideline down each window jamb at an equal distance from the edge of the jamb.

3. To make blade insertion easier spray the ends of the glass with soapy water.

4. Ease back the ends of the plastic retaining clips and slide your louvre blades in from the inside. Start from the top and work your way down for safety on a large window.

5. If you are installing a weather stop bead top and bottom for the blade to close against: First lock the blades shut then postion the beads. They should be close to, but not pushing against the blades. At the bottom run a bead of sealant under the stop bead prior to fixing for a better seal.