Frequently asked questions

How do I know which height louvre frames to purchase?

Check out the table of heights which is on the home page, please scroll down to find it

Do the louvre frames come as a pair?

Yes both left and right sides are included for the price as well as screws for fixing to timber

How do I purchase the glass louvre blades?

Select the glass in our products list depending on the width of your window. Select either Clear, Tinted or Frosted and enter the overall width you have for the glass and louvre frames combined. This is called the “Jamb to Jamb width”

How long will it take to receive my order?

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks from placing your order until it can be expected to arrive. Smaller orders may arrive by post. Larger orders are sent via courier. Locations further from Brisbane like WA or NT should allow extra time on larger orders. All items do have tracking which is either available on request or emailed on dispatch for larger orders containing glass or louvre frames longer than 1140mm

Do you supply aluminium weather strips?

No, we only supply louvre frames and glass blades

Do you supply other window components like flyscreens?

We don’t supply any screens, reveals, sills, mullions or weather strips

What size louvre blades will fit into the louvre frames?

Our frames suit 100x5mm and 150x 5mm blades

How is the blade length calculated?

Jamb to Jamb width minus 40-42mm is a good fit. Having the glass too long will cause issues

How wide is the louvre frame where it screws onto my reveal?

The aluminium channel of the louvre frame is 40mm wide where it attaches to your window reveal Therefore you need a minimum of 40mm of flat surface but most window reveals are much wider than this

What are the louvre frames constructed of?

The louvre frames are anodised aluminium channel with plastic blade clips

Can the frames be screwed back to back?

No, they are not designed to screw back to back. You will need a support (mullion) in between each set of frames.

Can you supply glass to replace existing or broken louvres?

Yes we can but minimum purchase is 10 blades for replacement glass. Contact your local glazier if you only need a few replacements. We may refund your order if you only buy less than 10 glass blades without a louvre frame purchase due to the shipping issues.

Can you quote me a price before I purchase?

Please go to the products section where all prices are given Shipping is calculated at the checkout

Can I call to ask more questions?

Please use our website message service or send a text to 0417684652

We will call you back if required



The good old louvre window holds a special place in the Australian building vernacular. From enclosing the back verandah or sleepout to adding  much needed light and ventilation to the beach shack or garden shed. They’re a treasured part of our history.

Luckily, we continue to enjoy them as modern manufacturing has improved on the original, from the quality of the seal, affordability, accessibility and even easier installation.

We began our Brisbane based business in 2014 to provide quality louvre products at a price you can afford and can easily install yourself or with the help of a handyman.