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Add light and ventilation to homes, tiny homes, granny flats, sheds, man caves and she sheds. Or add more protection from the elements by enclosing a breezeway, verandah or pergola.



Our louvre galleries are one of the most affordable options on the Australian market.


Easy online ordering, Australia wide delivery and a breeze to install for a DIY-er or handy person.


Not only are they easy to install, they're also easy to clean and maintain - all from the inside!


Add extra ventilation, light and protection from the elements  - simply and affordably.

“With the addition of Island Breeze Louvres it went from a never used upstairs deck to our favourite room in the house.”

Elisa – Sydney (see more images in our customer gallery)

Bring the Outside In

The humble glass louvre has come a long way, with modern glass louvres now able to form a near perfect seal, unlike their rattling, back verandah predecessors.

Louvres are the perfect divide between inside and out. They are windproof, waterproof, prevent bird strike and able to be cleaned all from the inside – a great option where access is difficult.

Yet their greatest advantage is allowing you to tailor the direction and amount of airflow into your space by adjusting the louvre angle – a little or a lot, high or low, some or all. You can feel like your living on an outdoor deck, yet protected from the elements.

They are one of the most flexible window options available – and we aim to make them one of the most affordable.

Simple, from start to finish...

1/ Measure opening

Measure width and height of the existing jamb/opening or the internal measurement of the simple frame you plan to build.

2/ Choose the best fit

Check our table to decide which height of louvre gallery matches your needs. Note the 2 blade heights available (100 or 150mm) - depending on aesthetics or the best fit for your height.

3/ Choose frame colour & glass

Choose your preferred frame colour: all white, all black, aluminium with black handles or grey (*150mm style only). Then choose clear, satin/frosted or grey tinted glass.

4/ Simple install

Simple screw vertical louvre frame piece to inside of jamb or frame on and slide in the custom cut glass panels. Then stand back and admire your work - it's that easy!

“Our Island Breeze Louvres are the affordable answer to our prayers for our loft apartment! Everything about the process, from placing the order to installation and operation has been completely painless and exceeded expectations.”
Wendy – Melbourne (see Wendy’s loft louvres in our customer gallery)


Customer Gallery

Get inspiration from our customer’s images or


Installation Guide

Check out our easy to follow instructions and diagrams

Our louvre frames & glass

If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to order (A) the glass louvre blades (100 or 150mm) and (B) the vertical louvre frames to match your requirements (sold in pairs).

You may prefer 150mm blades to have fewer horizontal lines or blades, but it often comes down to ‘what best fits’ your existing opening. Choose the louvre vertical height combination that matches your needs or is less and add a simple infill if required. See the table above.

Please call or email us for openings wider than 802mm, for large orders or other options available to reduce shipping costs, particularly in more remote areas of Australia.
glass finishes for diy glass louvres

Choose your Glass

Available in clear, satin or tinted.
Blade heights of 100 or 150mm to match your chosen frames and custom cut to your width.

diy glass louvres au frame colours

Choose your Frames

Available in all white, all black,
aluminium/black and all grey*.
See the table above to select your frame.